Alabama Skydiving Video & Photo Packages

Most Alabama Skydiving vendors offer video packages upon request which give a unique record of your Alabama skydive. A professional skydiving videographer will record your entire skydiving experience, from start to finish!

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Skydiving Videography - Click to Expand!Your videographer will start with a pre-interview prior to boarding the plane and will continue with the interview during the climb to altitude, recording the scenic views on the way. Seconds before you exit the plane, the videographer will capture your facial expressions as you view the Alabama landscape below from 10,000 feet or more. The excitement of your entire free fall will be captured using a special camera mounted to your videographer's helmet. After your parachute is deployed, footage will be filmed of your canopy ride back to Earth. The videographer will then use advanced skydiving techniques to reach the ground before you to ensure that your full landing is also captured on the video.

Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving - Click to Expand!Once your skydive is completed, your video will then be edited and will include slow motion playback and the option to choose your very own background music! This process takes around 20 to 30 minutes and is well worth the brief wait. The typical video will be formatted to a DVD or VHS cassette and can sometimes, depending on the capabilities of the location, include still photographs as well. Contact Alabama Skydiving today to see if video packages are offered near you!

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Alabama Skydiving Video and Photo Packages
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Alabama Skydiving Video and Photo Packages